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Albion comprises 30,457 acres of land. It was separated from the town of Richland on March 24, 1825. Six hamlets grew within the township in the early 1800s. Sand Bank, now called Altmar, was the largest and became the seat of local government. Dugway and Howardville are located in the southern portion of the town, and New Centerville is in the northern section. A settlement called Fraicheur once was in the east and Salmon River, now called Pineville, is in the west.Early settlers were drawn to the area because of dense forests that covered the land. Within a short span of time, a very profitable lumbering industry grew. By 1860, there were 38 sawmills throughout the town. An early plank road crossed the town, and later, a railroad, which ran until 1958.

Town Historian
Florence Gardner
P.O. Box 394, 312 Bridge Street
Altmar, NY 13302

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