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Our Projects, People & Partners

Recognizing the role the society plays in connecting generations, families, old friends and communities, Half-Shire Historical Society is dedicated to making a lasting impact through our ever-growing collections and upgrades on-site and online. Learn more about our initiatives and get involved yourself.

Research, Education & Outreach

On-Site Upgrades


Board of Trustees

Sharing the Story

Research, education and outreach are are at the heart of all we do here at Half-Shire.

Research is ongoing, from assisting to a member or a neighbor passing by, to orchestrated programs and projects, our volunteers are consistently furthering all aspects of research and outreach.

Continuous Improvement

We see every challenge as an opportunity, and every initiative to improve our facilities and collections ensures our motto of continuous improvement. We are truly grateful to those who participate in our evolution and work to keep our history and connectedness across the region alive and well!

Joining Forces

Through our strategic partnerships and collaborations, we create a synergy that brings Half-Shire and its' partners more prosperity than if we were on our own. Organizations like SAR and DAR (Pulaski & Fulton/Oswego Chapters),

 The Lions Club, Rural Migrant Ministry, and the Richland Park Association breathe new life into our projects and our mission. We're truly grateful, and welcome new organizations for exciting collaborations as well.

Making a Difference

Our volunteers and Board of Trustees make us who we are. The collective efforts and energy of so many talented and giving individuals that call our region 'Home,' inspire us to continue the good work of preserving and promoting our area's amazing stories and history. To each volunteer and Trustee, we Thank You from the bottom of our heart.

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