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Your Review Online Matters!

Our ancestors never had to worry about online reviews :) but it's definitely a part of today's world. Help share your story and experience with Half-Shire Historical Society by sharing (what we hope is a FIVE STAR REVIEW) and posting your review online with Google or Facebook. *In order to leave any online review, these platforms require you to have an account with them. If you have a gmail email address for example, you have a Google account and can leave a Google review (either click here or use the QR Code below which will take you right to our Google Review page)! If you have a Facebook account/profile, you can leave a Facebook review.

Reviews matter and they help educate and advocate to new folks especially that may not yet have experienced Half-Shire for themselves. Many people travel through our area over the course of the year. We'd love to introduce them to our history!

This QR Code - when you hover over it with your cell phone camera, automatically a link will pop up on your phone that you click on and it will take you right to our Google page to write a Review.

Thank You again so much we truly appreciate it!

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Caitlyn Bermudez
Caitlyn Bermudez
20 sept. 2023


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